I shot a couple rolls of portra 160 going into yosemite, here is the first one. i personally love the look of portra film, especially the 160 rolls. it just holds a certain amount of blue-green colors that really gives off that nostalgic film look. i know that nowadays, that film-esque look is very easily imitated using Vsco, and they do a damn good job at it. vsco is actually one of the main reasons why i love portra so much to begin with. i remember having bought all the vsco packs for lightroom, and i would always find myself back at the portra filters. i just loved the colors to gave off, and from there i basically adjusted and tweaked a bunch of stuff to finally get my own style and look that I was happy to call my own, but without a doubt, the roots came from the portra filter sets in vsco. so of course, portra film is always stocked up in my camera bag.

so back to yosemite. driving in is always exciting. it's foreal driving into a world of its own. yosemite definitely holds a place in my soul because its just that damn breathe-taking. as soon as we got into the park, we were on a mission. we knew exactly where we were headed for sunset, taft point. the shitty part was that even though we had got into the park at a certain time, we knew that taft point was still a good ways to go, about another hour. that just goes to show how massive Yosemite national park really is... but on the way, we made a quick pit stop at tunnel view, then made our way to taft point trailhead, hiked a bit and made it just in time, for what was going to be an awesome sunset.

cv r3m + cv 40/1.4 on kodak portra 160