I try updating as much as possible but sometimes I just don't have the time to and I feel as if I'm being let off the hook if I just post a photo without writing something. I want to try something out that would involve all of you. I get a lot of emails from people who ask me a variety of things and I don't always have the time to get back to all of them. It's tough to answer the same questions over and over again, but i do try to keep it going. so i figured i would try this out instead. I am opening up the option for people to write me messages or to request topics for me to go more in-depth about. the ones that fall under the same category, i will address  as many points as possible in regards to that but still general enough for everyone to understand. you don't need to enter any of your personal information, just simply what you want to know. I will add a form in this post and also a link on the top menu bar for future access. let's see how this goes.